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42 Million adult survivors of child sexual abuse experience ongoing trauma, triggers, and turmoil.

Season Two

Join me with a very special guest line up in Season Two to provide life-transforming insights and practices to help overcome the effects of childhood sexual abuse and step into the life you want and desire.

It's never too late—and there's too much to miss out on in the future we can create!

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Season Two Launch Episode with Jack Canfield


In this episode, I'm thrilled to be launching Season Two with the extraordinary, amazing, and so beautiful and generous, Jack Canfield. Jack is probably most famous as the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series – and he lives his life to help others create all they desire in their lives! Jack is a Multiple New York Times bestselling author of —The Success Principles, The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction, Living the Success Principles, Coaching for Breakthrough Success, and he also featured in The Secret.


Jack has taught millions of people around the world how to transform their lives and live with meaning, joy, purpose and happiness and we’re going to talk all about that today – how we can each overcome all of the bad stuff, and with our full intention and awareness and positive choices, make changes to step into all that truly makes us happy and leap out of bed each morning – we can live that life – it’s never too late – to start, to heal, and to stay on our journey to living our fullest and happiest lives — and that’s what this podcast is all about!

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Today, we’re joined by Timika Chambers. Timika is a thriving survivor – a lioness, as she describes herself. Timika was born in Memphis, Tennessee. At the age of 4 ½, Timika’s mother bought one-way bus tickets for herself and her three children – all under the age of 5 – to leave an abusive marriage. But for TImika, soon after, that journey turned into what she describes as, “the dark wilderness of sexual abuse by two family members.”


Timika found purpose in healing herself and others through nursing, and then, even more-so, through writing. Today, Timika shares her story of finding purpose and healing with us. Timika holds a Master’s degree as a Nurse Educator and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry. 

To find out more about Timika's work and resources, please visit

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Today, we’re joined by the wonderful Dr. Lindsay Gibson. Dr. Gibson dramatically and importantly spotlights how the “emotional immaturity” of parents can hinder and hold us back in our adulthood, and how we can regain trust in ourselves and break free from the destructive and confusing effects of negative “programming” from childhood. 


In her book, Who You Were Meant To Be, Dr. Gibson focuses on how people can reconnect with their true self and sense of purpose, especially after experiencing negative parental impacts in childhood. In her subsequent books, Dr. Gibson introduces “Emotionally Immature Parents” and provides learning and tools to overcome the impacts of these parents, and how to rely on our own emotional guidance, strengthen our self-awareness, and increase our energy to live a full, happy, and purposeful life in adulthood.

To find out more about Dr. Gibson's work, her books, and other resources, please visit

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Healing & Growing With Sensorimotor Psychotherapy


Today, I’m thrilled to be joined by Dr. Pat Ogden, PhD - a pioneer in somatic psychology, and the creator of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy method. Dr. Ogden is founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute and co-founder of the Hakomi Institute; she is trained in a huge range of somatic and psychotherapeutic approaches to healing and wellness, and has over 45 years of experience working with individuals and groups.

The body holds our trauma, but it also holds the keys to our healing.


In this podcast, Dr. Ogden shares with us how the body has the innate intelligence and wisdom to reveal where and how we need to heal trauma that is still showing up in our adult lives—and that sometimes we’re not even aware of that trauma until it’s triggered in every day, present moments. In these moments, we have the choice to listen to the signals, sensations, and suggestions from our bodies to guide our next steps and respond differently to move forward into wellness and happiness.

To find out more about Dr. Ogden's work, her books, and other resources, please visit

Healing Trauma & Restoring Wholeness


Today, I feel so deeply deeply grateful to have Dr. Richard C. Schwartz PhD with us. I was so powerfully moved by Dr. Schwartz’s work before I spoke with him, and as you’ll hear, I have been even more powerfully moved by his work—unexpectedly in this podcast! —and I hope you will find that helpful during this experience today, as well as on your ongoing journey.


In his most recent book, No Bad Parts, which features a foreword by Alanis Morissette, Dr. Schwartz shows us empowering new ways of understanding and healing the many parts that make us who we are. As Dr. Schwartz teaches, “Our parts can sometimes be disruptive or harmful, but once they’re unburdened, they return to their essential goodness. When we learn to love all our parts, we can learn to love all people - and that will contribute to healing the world.”

To find out more about Dr. Schwartz's work, his books, IFS practitioners, and other resources, please visit

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Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician, author, speaker, and consultant specializing in using the lens of Polyvagal Theory to understand and resolve the impact of trauma and create ways of living that allow us to positively re-train and shift our nervous system responses. Deb’s work helps us master the skills to become more aware of our nervous system in each moment—and change the way we respond to the big and small challenges of life—especially after childhood abuse and trauma.


Deb trains therapists and organizations around the world, and conducts workshops internationally to bring this very powerful Polyvagal understanding to the ordinary, and often extraordinary, experiences of our daily living, especially beyond childhood trauma.


Deb developed the Rhythm of Regulation Clinical Training Series and lectures internationally on ways Polyvagal Theory helps trauma survivors. Deb is a founding member of the Polyvagal Institute, and her publications include The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation; Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection: 50 Client-Centered Practices; and the Polyvagal Flip Chart: Understanding the Science of Safety.


Deb is the creator of the Audio Program Befriending Your Nervous System, in partnership with SoundsTrue. Deb’s just-published book is a must-read – It’s called Anchored: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory.

Here are just a few more of our Season Two guests!

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Season One Podcasts



Dr. Dyan speaks on a broad range of topics to professionals, to the public, in podcasts and summits. Sleep has become her particular area of expertise and has lead her to become a VIP contributor to

Arianna Huffington’s

wellness site,

Sleep, Hypnosis, and Somatic Healing


In this final episode for season one, we talk about our freedom to heal and some profoundly powerful practices that can help us transform our trauma into healing. That's our freedom, and it's the choice we have. You may be surprised that practices we may have dismissed or don't fully understand, can be the keys to shifting our minds and bodies into a state of daily healing. Day by day, those small shifts can add up to "tip" us from ill-being into well-being—in our physical health and in our states of mind. I am so grateful that Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson is joining us to share some learnings and practices that give us the opportunity to think, feel, and heal differently. In particular, we're going to talk about how the three practices of sleep, hypnosis and somatic healing, can be keys to shifting our physical and mental well-being, and waking up each day feeling energized, at ease, and excited to journey forward into all you want for your life. It's never too late, and it's our freedom to heal! 


Dr. Dyan earned her Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on Health Psychology from Saybrook University, after completing a Bachelor of a Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design (Dyan will share why she changed from fashion design to psychology as we talk today!). Dr. Dyan holds licenses from the California, Colorado and Texas Boards of Psychology, is a Consultant for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, is Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Erickson Institute, and is a member of the Society of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis, American Psychological Association, Division of Hypnosis. She also holds a certificate as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®.  Dr. Dyan spent 8 years as the Vice President of Continuing Education Programs for the Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis, and became President of that organization. She co-taught the year-long Clinical Hypnosis seminar at UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry. 

Access Dr. Dyan's FREE guide and video by clicking here,

and learn more about Dr. Dyan and all of her work to help people

sleep, live, and heal better at her web site 

Happiness Beyond Hardship


"Not me, not now" can be one of our most limiting thoughts as we move beyond our hardships and into our happiness. In this podcast episode, I'm doing things a little differently! I'll share a glimpse into the draft of my upcoming book, Yes You, Yes Now! In particular, we'll focus on "Seeing the "All" of You in the Mirror."  As we look in the mirror, we can choose to see our unlimited selves, beyond the struggles and uncertainties we face in our lives.


We'll also step into some practices, including a guided visualization, to help shift our "Not Me, Not Now" thoughts into "Yes Me, Yes Now!" As we journey together, we can be inspired by the words of Michelangelo, “I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” With each practice, you are carving a piece of the block of marble that will ultimately reveal your “all” and set you free.


I hope you join this slightly "different" podcast episode and take a journey with me!

Cracking Ourselves Open To Allow
The Light To Enter


Join me and Dr. Sousan Abadian, PhD, as we talk about “cracking ourselves open to allow the light to enter,” and Sousan’s upcoming book, Free Me To Love. I first met Sousan at Harvard Kennedy School 15 years ago and I was immediately captivated by her spirit, her wisdom, and her visionary work to help communities recover from trauma in order to move forward. Over the years, I’ve come to learn so much more of Sousan’s personal story of overcoming trauma, and it is profoundly powerful, moving, and inspiring. I know it will help so many people. 


Sousan has an amazing background—she is an Iranian-born scholar who dedicates herself to the work of enhancing human capabilities and well-being. She has an independent practice teaching, speaking, and consulting internationally on leadership, collective trauma, and personal, social, and cultural change.  She earned a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University, an M.P.A. in International Development from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and an M.A. in the Anthropology of Social Change and Development, also from Harvard University. 


In Free Me To Love, Sousan shares her story of “the day her life fell apart” and how that shockwave shattered so many parts of her life, despite her outward success—as she shares, “This is my story of how woundedness kept knocking and I ignored it, until its rap and insistence grew and cracked me open to allow the light to enter.”


In this episode, we begin by talking about our self beliefs and perceptions—overcoming the tangled childhood stories we still tell ourselves; then we talk about how trauma and wounds affect the roles we play in our adult lives—as wives, mothers, and professionals; and we end by talking about choosing and co-creating a positive and thriving future—moving through, within, and “beyond” childhood trauma.

To learn more about Sousan's work, and her retreats and resources,

visit her website at

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Beginning Life Again In Love


In this episode, I'm joined by the love of my life, Laura Kozelouzek. When we met, my life began again—beyond abuse and beyond all the things that hold us back and limit us. "Unbound" defines how Laura and I love each other, how we step into each day together, how we overcome the challenges of our past, and how we adventure forward together. As soon as Laura and I saw each other, we both felt a thousand lifetimes coming together as one. We both have our tragedy and trauma, and we both have our "unbinding" and breaking free. Now, unbound with each other, we are beginning life again in love.  

In this episode, we'll talk about: Growing together through vulnerability and truth; Confronting the triggers that can break us and our relationships; Sharing our traumas and tragedies (Laura reveals her family tragedy); and, Living limitlessly together "unbound," and adventurously "beginning again" in each moment!

All of us have the opportunity to live "unbound" and to "begin again" each day—with the dreams we have, the choices we make, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take. We share our story to put ourselves fully "out there," and "as is," with you on our journey—and hope you find connection between our story and yours. After all, we are all connected in this imperfect, yet perfect, experience of life, love, tragedy, trauma, and overcoming limitlessly!    

The Courage to Confront & Heal 
Broken Family Relationships & Our Wounded Self


Join me with author, Chandra Moyer, as we talk about The Courage To Confront & Heal Broken Family Relationships & Our Wounded Self.  We'll share Chandra's story and dive into three topics: 1. Finding power and peace in confronting and healing our childhood trauma, 2. The good, the bad, and the ugly of telling our mothers and family members of abuse, and 3. Loving ourselves and family beyond abuse and into happiness.

Chandra is a sought-after speaker, author, life coach, and a decorated former Army officer. Chandra is also a survivor of incest who only recovered her memories of abuse later in life after a traumatic adult experience triggered memories of a childhood of abuse.  Chandra’s recent book, I Met Her Before, tells her story to help others come to terms with their truth and move forward into the full and happy life we all desire and deserve. Chandra’s story not only confronts her own shattered past, but also the broken family relationships that are part of healing and becoming who we’re fully here to be—and often healing those family relationships is just as challenging as healing ourselves. We'll dive into this together in this podcast. I know this will be a conversation that will move you and hopefully help you as we all continue to heal ourselves and our relationships on our paths to happiness.

Building Resilience & Positive Growth Habits
To Live The Life You Want.



In this episode, join me and distinguished clinical psychologist, Dr. Clare Marriott PhD., as we talk about ways to build resilience and positive growth habits to help step beyond childhood trauma and into a life determined by our choices, not by our abuse. Dr. Marriott's work has focused on factors that build resilience among survivors of child sexual abuse. Many of us never had the chance to tap into resources to help us ~ many of us were simply in survival mode. Child sexual abuse was a topic that was taboo, and seeking help was often beyond us. Today, there is more understanding and more tools to help.  We'll talk about, 1. Building Resilience:  What we know and what we can do now in adulthood, 2. C.H.I.M.E ~ A personal recovery and growth framework to help step into a happy life beyond abuse, and 3. Leaving unhealthy coping habits behind and creating positive growth habits in our daily lives. Join us! It's never too late to overcome the impact of child sexual abuse ~ let's do it together!  

Trauma, Betrayal & Courage:
Moving from Silence to Strength.



Join me as I talk with Dr. Jennifer Freyd PhD, to understand how betrayal from childhood trauma “show ups” in our adulthood, and ways we can overcome those effects. Dr. Freyd is the founder of The Center for Institutional Courage, and Professor Emerit of Psychology, at the University of Oregon. She’s also Affiliated Faculty at the Women's Leadership Lab at Stanford University.  Dr. Freyd is world-renowned for her work on Betrayal trauma, Institutional Betrayal and Courage, and for her framework (DARVO) that identifies strategies used by abusers to manipulate their victims. That framework is so widely-known that actress, political activist, and sexual assault survivor, Ashley Judd, referenced it when discussing the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations in an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2017. Dr. Freyd has also been interviewed extensively by media in relation to the Harvey Weinstein case, and is sought internationally to talk about ways individuals can overcome childhood trauma, and how institutions play a role through betrayal and courage. Dr. Freyd’s books and speaking appearances have reached millions of people around the world.

Breaking Myths and
Revealing Paths to Happiness.
THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2021


Join me with the extraordinary Dr. Meg Jay PhD (Dr. Jay’s TED Talk is one of the most viewed TED Talks with almost 12 million views—that’s because she is truly an inspiration and a voice of wisdom and knowledge!). In Part 1 of this podcast episode, we’ll break myths and leap into discovery and tools to help overcome child sexual abuse: New insights that help us to understand how childhood trauma affects adults; the notion of “normal” and how that helps or harms us; and how our adult choices, not our childhood abuse, can lead to living a life that is happy and fulfilled.


In Part 2 of this podcast episode with Dr. Meg Jay PhD, we'll break more myths, and dig deeper into insights and tools to help overcome child sexual abuse: we'll start by talking about "Naming It To Tame It” - the negative impact of keeping secrets and the freedom in sharing; then, we'll talk about depression– acknowledging it, tending to it, and overcoming it; and finally, we'll talk about the “thing” that makes your life yours – deciding what you want and fully living it!



Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse ~ The Podcast

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021


Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is a positive and uplifting podcast series to help overcome the struggles that remain in our adult lives from experiences of child sexual abuse. In this series, Kathy Andersen, award-winning self-development author and survivor of a childhood of sexual abuse, brings together leading experts and inspiring contributors in areas including positive and clinical psychology, self-mastery and development, and trauma recovery to share practical approaches and new learnings to help adults break free from the ongoing trauma, triggers, and turmoil of child sexual abuse and create a life filled with authentic happiness. It's never too late to overcome abuse and live the life that sets you free! Let's do this together!

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Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is a positive and uplifting podcast series

to help overcome the struggles that remain in our adult lives from experiences of child sexual abuse.

In this series, Kathy Andersen, award-winning self-development author and survivor of a childhood of sexual abuse, brings together leading experts and inspiring contributors in areas including positive and clinical psychology, self-mastery and development, and trauma recovery to share practical approaches and new learnings to help adults break free from the ongoing trauma, triggers, and turmoil of child sexual abuse and create a life filled with authentic happiness. It's never too late to overcome abuse and live the life that sets you free!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse podcast is a general educational and information resource and is not intended to provide expert advice for specific circumstances or individual situations.

To gain help for your individual situation, please reach out to local resources, and/or contact the

24/7 National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 or online at