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the effects of child sexual abuse. 
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42 Million adult survivors of child sexual abuse experience ongoing trauma, triggers, and turmoil.

Trauma, Betrayal & Courage:
Moving from Silence to Strength.



Join me as I talk with Dr. Jennifer Freyd PhD, to understand how betrayal from childhood trauma “show ups” in our adulthood, and ways we can overcome those effects. Dr. Freyd is the founder of The Center for Institutional Courage, and Professor Emerit of Psychology, at the University of Oregon. She’s also Affiliated Faculty at the Women's Leadership Lab at Stanford University.  Dr. Freyd is world-renowned for her work on Betrayal trauma, Institutional Betrayal and Courage, and for her framework (DARVO) that identifies strategies used by abusers to manipulate their victims. That framework is so widely-known that actress, political activist, and sexual assault survivor, Ashley Judd, referenced it when discussing the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations in an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2017. Dr. Freyd has also been interviewed extensively by media in relation to the Harvey Weinstein case, and is sought internationally to talk about ways individuals can overcome childhood trauma, and how institutions play a role through betrayal and courage. Dr. Freyd’s books and speaking appearances have reached millions of people around the world.

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Breaking Myths and
Revealing Paths to Happiness.
THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2021


Join me with the extraordinary Dr. Meg Jay PhD (Dr. Jay’s TED Talk is one of the most viewed TED Talks with almost 12 million views—that’s because she is truly an inspiration and a voice of wisdom and knowledge!). In Part 1 of this podcast episode, we’ll break myths and leap into discovery and tools to help overcome child sexual abuse: New insights that help us to understand how childhood trauma affects adults; the notion of “normal” and how that helps or harms us; and how our adult choices, not our childhood abuse, can lead to living a life that is happy and fulfilled.


In Part 2 of this podcast episode with Dr. Meg Jay PhD, we'll break more myths, and dig deeper into insights and tools to help overcome child sexual abuse: we'll start by talking about "Naming It To Tame It” - the negative impact of keeping secrets and the freedom in sharing; then, we'll talk about depression– acknowledging it, tending to it, and overcoming it; and finally, we'll talk about the “thing” that makes your life yours – deciding what you want and fully living it!



Building Resilience To Overcome
Childhood Sexual Abuse—
It’s Never Too Late!



In this podcast episode, join me with the internationally renowned, Dr. Clare Marriott PhD. We'll be talking about ways to build resilience through our adulthood as we continue to step beyond our abuse and into a life determined by our choices, not by our abuse. Dr. Marriott's work has focused on the factors that build resilience among survivors of child sexual abuse. Many of us never had the chance to tap into resources to help us as we were enduring abuse, or as we journeyed into our adult years. Many of us were simply in survival mode. Child sexual abuse was a topic that was taboo, and seeking help was often beyond us. Today, there is more understanding and more tools to help.  

Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is a positive and uplifting podcast series

to help overcome the struggles that remain in our adult lives from experiences of child sexual abuse.

In this series, Kathy Andersen, award-winning self-development author and survivor of a childhood of sexual abuse, brings together leading experts and inspiring contributors in areas including positive and clinical psychology, self-mastery and development, and trauma recovery to share practical approaches and new learnings to help adults break free from the ongoing trauma, triggers, and turmoil of child sexual abuse and create a life filled with authentic happiness. It's never too late to overcome abuse and live the life that sets you free!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse podcast is a general educational and information resource and is not intended to provide expert advice for specific circumstances or individual situations.

To gain help for your individual situation, please reach out to local resources, and/or contact the

24/7 National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 or online at

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