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Building Resilience &
Positive Growth Habits

To Live The Life You Want!

In this episode, join me and distinguished clinical psychologist, Dr. Clare Marriott PhD., as we talk about ways to build resilience and positive growth habits to help step beyond childhood trauma and into a life determined by our choices, not by our abuse. Dr. Marriott's work has focused on factors that build resilience among survivors of child sexual abuse.


Many of us never had the chance to tap into resources to help us ~ many of us were simply in survival mode. Child sexual abuse was a topic that was taboo, and seeking help was often beyond us.


Today, there is more understanding and more tools to help.  


We'll talk about: 


1. Building Resilience: What we know and what we can do now in adulthood.

2. C.H.I.M.E ~ A personal recovery and growth framework to help step into a happy life beyond abuse.

3. Leaving unhealthy coping habits behind and creating positive growth habits in our daily lives.


Join us!

It's never too late to overcome the impact of child sexual abuse.


 Let's do it together!  

About Dr. Clare Marriott


Dr. Clare Marriott is a Clinical Psychologist and the Principal Clinical Psychologist for the Community Recovery Team at Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom.  Dr. Marriott has worked with adults and people with chronic mental health problems (including psychosis and personality disorders), and also people with learning disabilities. The focus of Dr. Marriott’s work is on recovery and building resilience, and finding things that sustain people outside of the therapy room. In 2006, Dr. Marriott completed her doctoral thesis, investigating and identifying factors that promote resilience in adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. In 2014. she published a literature review outlining research in this area. Dr. Marriott earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Birmingham in 2006, and her Psychology BSc (Hons) from the University of Leicester in 2000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse podcast is a general educational and information resource and is not intended to provide expert advice for specific circumstances or individual situations.

To gain help for your individual situation, please reach out to local resources, and/or contact the

24/7 National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 or online at

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