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5 Ways to Embrace the New Year and Overcome Adversity In 2021

Five "overcomer suggestions" to move forward each day and into the new year.

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New Year is typically a celebration with friends and loved ones—each new year is symbolic of positive new beginnings filled with optimism and opportunities. However, transitioning to a new year in 2021 will be much different for all. COVID has brought loss to almost everyone that will not readily pass as the clock passes midnight. So, how do you overcome the adversities of 2020 and embrace a new year with optimism and hope amidst ongoing struggles, sadness, and uncertainty? Here are five “overcomer suggestions” that might help you meet yourself where you are, and gently move forward each day and into the new year.

1. The one thing you can count on is you.

The one thing you can count on in the year ahead is you. I know that might sound cliche, but despite all that has happened around us, and all that will continue to confront us to some extent in the new year, we each have the capability to rise beyond the worst that happens and find strength and opportunity to not only keep going, but also to go higher. When we believe in ourselves as “overcomers” we can believe in our ability to keep moving forward, despite adversity.

Allow the strengths that COVID has required us all to draw upon, to keep fueling you and moving you forward.

Overcomer Suggestion #1: List your three strongest traits that will keep you moving forward in 2021. If you have trouble starting a list, start with the traits you most want— you may well find you already have them, and that they are yours to keep cultivating.



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