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Determine Your 2021— Decide and Do It, Despite the Difficulty

Three prompts to help you overcome common barriers and turn 2021 into the year you determine.

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We each have the opportunity to determine our 2021, despite the difficulties that confronted us throughout 2020 and that may well continue throughout the year ahead. Sadly, there is no way to escape the struggles, challenges, and losses that have affected us all deeply.

Yet, there is a path for each of us to determine how we will move through 2021. That path starts by deciding what is most meaningful and digging deep to find the reasons that make that meaning worth the effort of committing to do something each day—especially when you are already feeling tired and overwhelmed.

Find The “So What” That Makes Your Effort Worth It!

It’s not that we don’t know what to do, we often just don’t feel compelled enough to commit to do it.

At a time when just getting through each day may seem overwhelming, finding the “so what” that means the most to you can enable you to turn 2021 into a year of breakthroughs, purpose, and progress.

Ask yourself:

  1. What’s My “What?” What changes do I most want in the year ahead?

  2. What’s My “So What? Why do those changes mean so much to me?

  3. What’s Within My Power? What can I decide to do to achieve my wants?



Hi, take some time, read, and reflect for you!

"We can each live with happiness, purpose, and impact—we just need to pause long enough to create those paths."

Kathy Andersen

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