On-Line Journeys

A journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step.

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 Change Your Shoes®
Life Transformation Journey
A personal on-line retreat that will enable you to
transform every area of your life.
Based on Kathy's Award-Winning Book,
Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life, and
Change Your Shoes, 365 Life Resolutions.
You will experience  a combination of transformational tools and learnings including guided visualization, self-leadership, mind-science, meditation, relaxation, focus, sensory stimulation, and creative inspiration.
What You Will Gain:
  • Move forward faster and more effortlessly.
  • Manifest all you desire in every area of your life.
  • Reconnect with your passion, purpose, and “spirit.”
  • Enjoy greater balance and harmony.
  • Feel more peaceful and at ease every day.
  • Experience your relationships to their fullest.
  • Generate greater success with more simplicity.
  • Reduce your busyness and have more impact.
  • Leave barriers and blockages behind you.
  • Take control and take action.
 The 7 Soul Shoes of SuccessTM
  Master the 7 Essential Powers of Success 

An on-line course that will guide you through mastering the
seven essential powers of success.
Based on Kathy's Award-Winning Contribution to the Upcoming Best Selling Book, The Soul of Success,  Co-authored with Jack Canfield (Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® Series.)

You will master the seven essential powers that will enable you to leap
into opportunities and overcome challenges in order to achieve
your greatest and most authentic success.

What You Will Gain:
  • Mastery of the powers of success.
  • Tools to leap into opportunities.
  • Tools to overcome challenges and obstacles.
  • Practices to gain clarity and focus.
  • Understanding how to use the powers in combination .
  • Connection to your wiser and higher self.
  • Clarity of purpose.
  • Increased impact and success.
  • Greater control over outcomes.
  • Ongoing resources for continued growth.
Program Overview
1. To Where Will Your Shoes Take You?
Journey to your authentic passion, purpose, and happiness.
Step onto a higher platform to view your life.
Give voice to the dreams and desires in each area of your life.
2.  Change Your Shoes: Step Into Your New Shoes!
    Identify the shoes you need to move forward in each area
of your life.
Identify the shoes that are missing and need repair.
Fill your "shoe closet" with new shoes for each area of your life.
3. Change Your Shoes: Leave Your Old Shoes Behind.
Identify the shoes that keep you stuck, and leave them behind.
Identify the “comfort shoes” that keep you away from your dreams.
Eliminate the shoes that look good on the outside, but don’t “fit”
on the inside.
4.  Create Your Path and Take the Next Steps.
Create your authentic success & wellbeing path for each
area of your life.
Map the first steps you need to take in each area of your life.
Use visualizations and affirmations to manifest the path to your dreams.
5.  Sustain the Shoe Closet of Your Dreams!
Create your “shoe care” program: Maintain and sustain your
new shoe haven.
Spring clean your habits: Create good habits and eliminate
bad habits.
Create accountability and support structures
Program Overview
1. The Creator Soul Shoe.
The Creator Soul Shoe represents your divine power to create the vision for your life,  to dream, inspire, and express.
Key Power: Dreams.
2.  The Warrior Soul Shoe.
    The Warrior Soul Shoe represents your power to fearlessly battle the forces that work against you as you journey toward your dreams.
Key Power: Strength.
3. The Sage Soul Shoe.
The Sage Soul Shoe represents your highest wisdom, mindfulness, knowledge, faith, intellect, and judgment. Key Power: Wisdom.
4.  The Magician Soul Shoe.
The Magician Soul Shoe represents your transformational powers to manifest all of your desires. Key Power: Manifestation.
5.  The Adventurer Soul Shoe.
The Adventurer Soul Shoe represents your powers to boldly venture beyond your comfort zone,  and step fearlessly into the greatest vision and divine mandate for your life. Key Power: Discovery.
6.  The Hermit Soul Shoe.
The Hermit Soul Shoe represents your powers to expand time through solitude, retreat, meditation, and quiet time. Key Power: Time.
7.  The Caretaker Soul Shoe.
The Caretaker Soul Shoe represents your powers of love. In these shoes, you connect to your actualized self to create meaningful and lasting endeavors. Key Power: Love.
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