The Seven Soul Shoes of Success
Guided Visualization Journey

As introduced in The Soul of Success
In the bestselling book, The Soul of Success, Kathy introduces
The Seven Soul Shoes of SuccessTM—the essential powers you need to
reach your greatest and most meaningful successes.
The Seven Soul Shoes of SuccessTM
Guided Visualization Package.
Step into each of the Seven Soul Shoes—your seven essential powers of success—through this series of seven guided visualizations.
Many of the most successful people in the world use meditation and guided visualization to activate their highest subconscious powers.
In 15 - 20 minutes each day, these guided visualizations will allow you to "quantum leap" your success through increased focus, wisdom, mindfulness, mental resilience, and tranquility.
Each visualization focuses on one specific "Soul Shoe." By the end of the series, you will be on your way to mastery, and able to step out of all that distracts you, and into all that you desire.
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Guided Visualizations Below
1. Have a pen and paper with you, as you will need to write your reflections immediately after the visualization.
2. Use headphones for an optimal experience.
3. Find a quiet space to listen to the guided visualization.
4. Listen to whichever visualization represents the power you need to bring into your life now, or to whichever Soul Shoe you are drawn.
The Creator Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power to Dream
The Creator Soul Shoe represents your divine power to create the vision for your life. The Creator evokes the powers to dream, inspire, and express. Your Creator shoes allow you to step forward guided by your highest power.
The Warrior Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Strength
The Warrior Soul Shoe represents your courage, bravery, resilience, resourcefulness, strength, determination, perseverance, survival, discipline, strategy, command, decisiveness, and hard work. The Warrior Soul Shoes will enable you to fearlessly battle the forces that work against you as you journey toward your dreams.
The Sage Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Wisdom
The Sage Soul Shoe represents your highest wisdom, mindfulness, knowledge, faith, intellect, and judgment. In your Sage Soul Shoes, you feel centered, calm, and tranquil as you stand in your ultimate and divine truth—you connect to your higher wisdom and are able to express that confidently in your physical world.
The Magician Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Manifestation
The Magician Soul Shoe represents your transformational powers to manifest all of your desires. In your Magician Soul Shoes you stand in your highest power to bring all that you have imagined, dreamed, and visualized into your reality.  You bring all that is beyond you into reach and transform the seemingly impossible into the possible—as if by magic.
The Adventurer Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Discovery
The Adventurer Soul Shoe represents your powers to boldly venture beyond your comfort zone, to step into unexplored territory, “walk on the edge” of discovery, and be unfazed by the height of the mountain or the vastness of the ocean. You step fearlessly into the greatest vision and divine mandate for your life.
The Hermit Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Time
The Hermit Soul Shoe represents your powers to expand time through solitude, retreat, meditation, and quiet time. In these shoes, you gain the breakthrough “aha” moments that escape you in the busyness of your day—you see things from a higher perspective that allows you to uncover breakthrough solutions.
The Caretaker Soul Shoe Guided Visualization: Step Into the Power of Love
The Caretaker Soul Shoe represents your powers of self-love and love for others. In these shoes, you connect to your self-actualized self and your higher being to create meaningful and lasting endeavors that transform your life and the world.
I hope you enjoy these visualizations.
If you can create the habit of experiencing just one visualization each day for 30 days, you will notice extraordinary "quantum leaps" toward your dreams and most meaningful pursuits.
Remember, you hold the keys to the doors of your dreams in your hands.
Don't miss the opportunity to unlock all that is beyond the doors to your greatest successes.