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Kathy Andersen

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“We each hold the power to transform our lives, to live our dreams, and to create the change we want to see in the world.”
Kathy Andersen

Welcome! I hope you find this site, and my new book, to be a “time-out” for you—a place where you can pause—where your dreams and aspirations can emerge, and where paths to your greatest self and your greatest pursuits can be revealed.

Don’t waste a moment. Explore and discover.
Your greatest life awaits!

Change Your Shoes & Award

Change Your Shoes & Award

Change your shoes Live Your Greatest life

A new book by Kathy Andersen

“This book is a rare inspiration.”
Ronald A. Heifetz, Harvard Kennedy School

This book is about “changing your shoes”—literally and figuratively. We each have the power to make the changes we need in our life, and to leap onto paths that lead us
to our greatest life.

My hope is that this book is a wonderful journey for you. Please sample the book. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the journey, and from there, that you choose to journey further. Maybe you will invite your friends to join you, too.